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Worker's Compensation

Workers Compensation Expert Witnesses possess specialized knowledge that can allow delivery of credible analysis and opinion of the case both prior to and during litigation.  Since workers compensation trials can involve complicated scientific, medical, and technical issues, it is imperative to retain a witness who is skilled in the sciences AND skilled in seeing a case all the way through litigation, if necessary.  My goal is to give you solid forensic evidence with opinion backed by peer-reviewed scientific publications.


The following are important guidelines in winning Workers Compensation cases:


1-Quality of the Case:

Some cases just don’t have the forensic evidence to opine causation.  However, without the right amount of scientific knowledge, an Attorney might find themselves and their staff devoting resources to cases that are un-winable.  Dr. Bennett can review the details of a case and help the Attorney qualify which cases are likely to provide the best return on investment.


2- Conduct Research:

Dr. Bennett can conduct research related to scientific issues of the workers compensation case. This initial research is critical in determining just how strong the Attorney’s case can be.  This research will allow the Attorney to develop their initial plan and decide what time and resources to devote.


3-Review and Evaluate Case Documents:

When it comes to depositions and cross-examination, preparation can make the difference between winning and losing a case.  Dr. Bennett can review documents, witness statements, transcripts, police reports, autopsy reports, opposing Expert’s opinion, and help provide the Attorney the skill to ask the right scientific questions.  Dr. Bennett can provide and interpret scientific documents so that the Attorney is ready to offer a formidable challenge to the opposition.


4-Consult on Case Strategy:

Since Workers Compensation experts are more familiar with technical details, they can offer strategic insight.  Dr. Bennett, with years of Workers Compensation case experience, can help provide the Attorney with a decisive strategy, with multiple alternative plans, as the case unfolds.


5-Provide Testimony at Trial:

Expert testimony can be a powerful weapon in Court.  Dr. Bennett has skill on the witness stand and can effectively communicate to both Judges and Juries, and more importantly, communicate to the opposing Counsel.  Dr. Bennett can take complex scientific facts and explain such in terms that everyone “gets it”.  Having the scientific evidence that wins a case does little good if the Expert can’t get the message across.


6-Prepare Visual Aids:

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Dr. Bennett can aid trials by helping to craft compelling visual aids such as charts and graphs. These visual aids can be used for maximum impact in the courtroom.


In conclusion, Workers Compensation cases can involve specific technical details that can be baffling to a legal team without gaining insight from an Expert.  Dr. Bennett’s toxicological expertise is well suited for any case involving drugs and alcohol, chemical exposure, and toxic substances, but Dr. Bennett has helped Attorney’s with other Workers Compensation cases involving strictly medical issues.  It is easy to have Dr. Bennett quickly review your potential case, and provide insight you may not be aware of.