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Drug and Alcohol Testing

The office of Dr. Bennett provides a comprehensive random drug and alcohol testing program to monitor any use and/or excessive use and/or cooperation of the participants.  This program can be voluntary or in compliance with Court Order.  
This program is a written agreement for the enrollee to report for testing within an agreed-upon date and time from notification, after their name is randomly chosen by the computer. This testing is conducted by truly random computer selection, using Earth’s natural atmospheric noise science for randomization rather than a predictable mathematical formula. The random nature is such that the enrollee has an equal opportunity of being selected for testing on any day, regardless of any previous testing -so a person could be tested on the very next day.  
The frequency of testing is an adjustable variable chosen based on each individual case, the drug(s) in question, the enrollee's availability, and other influencing factors.  The response time is also an adjustable variable chosen based on the enrollee's availability.  Due to the time limit of detection in urine-based drug testing, a response time of greater than approximately 24 hours decreases the practical value of the test, considering most drugs become undetectable in urine after this amount of time.  In response to these contributing factors, it is the policy of the office of Dr. Bennett that the maximum response time be set at 24 hours, with a quicker response time being more desirable.  
All specimen collections are under direct observation to prevent any tampering of the specimen. Some consumer products, such as mouthwash or cold medicines, may contain alcohol and alter the results of the alcohol test. It is advised to avoid these products.  A dilute urine specimen is inadequate for testing therefore any fluid consumption should be avoided after notification, and prior to the test.  The office of Dr. Bennett works to provide the most comprehensive and accurate testing services available.

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