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DNA - Frequently Asked Questions

DNA FAQs – Dr. Bennett

Q. Aren't all DNA tests the same?

A. Absolutely not! Agencies such as Family Court, the Social Security Administration, Probate Courts, Department of Social Services, and Adoption agencies must have Court Admissible testing in order to be able to fully utilize the results for their case. It is the opinion of lawyers that only Dr. Bennett can provide local test results that are admissible in Court, because Dr. Bennett is a Court accepted Expert in DNA testing.  Other facilities simply do NOT have a local court accepted Expert doctor in DNA testing...ask them!  It is Dr. Bennett's opinion that store-bought or on-line tests are for entertainment purposes only and should NEVER be relied upon as accurate.

Q: Why is Dr. Bennett's test better?

We guarantee 100% accurate results. Our testing utilizes 23 DNA sections rather than the 13 other tests use.  Additionally,  Dr. Bennett includes the mother at no additional cost, if she is available, in order to further increase the accuracy of each test

Q. How long have you been doing DNA tests?

A. Over 25 years


Q. Is your testing certified?

A. Yes. Our laboratory performing the DNA test is an AABB accredited facility, the highest certification for DNA testing.  All of our testing is performed under AABB accreditation standards.


Q. How old must a child be to participate in a DNA test?
A. There is no minimum age for a child to be tested.  We can test on the day the baby is born and start the test immediately.  We can go to the Hospital.


Q. What type of DNA tests do you do?

A. Paternity, Maternity, Grandpaternity, Siblingship, Infidelity, Y-Chromosome testing


Q. How much does a DNA test cost?

A. Cost is $395.00 for a full legal standard DNA paternity test. Plus a $30.00 collection fee.


Q. Is payment due up front or can I make payments?

A. Half of the total balance can be made up front. Once the testing is completed, the results will be released when the additional payment is made.


Q. How accurate are your DNA tests?

A. Our tests are Guaranteed 100% Accurate. We do testing for the Courts so our tests HAVE to be accurate. Other tests may not be of the quality of ours and could be inaccurate.  Do NOT rely on on-line or store-bought DNA tests.


Q. Who do you DNA testing for?

A. Private cases, criminal cases, DSS cases, federal cases


Q. Does the DNA test stand up in court?

A. Yes. All of the testing we have performed has stood up in court. Dr. Bennett is a court accepted expert in DNA testing and has never had a single test not stand up in court.


Q. Are you only in Charleston?

A. Our headquarters is in Charleston. However, we have offices in Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Florence, Myrtle Beach, Aiken, Savannah, and Walterboro. We also have a network of affiliate sites throughout the United States and in other countries. We recently did a test in Mexico and another in Africa.


Q. How long is a DNA test good?

A. Permanently. Our test can be used for any reason beyond the original purpose, such as paternity. For example, the test can be used later in life for Social Security benefits, criminal cases, missing persons cases, probate (inheritance).


Q. What can be done if the Alleged Father is deceased?

A. Ideally, we should get the DNA from the deceased Alleged Father. If an autopsy was performed, we have the ability to get the DNA directly from the Medical Examiner through the Coroner's office. Otherwise, we can perform the tests through the relatives of the father.


Q. How does your quality differ from others?

A. Other labs only test for 15 DNA markers, but we test for 24 DNA markers, which significantly increases the accuracy of the DNA testing.  We can go to 44 DNA markers.


Q. Do you do tests other than DNA?

A. Yes, we have a variety of forensic tests for use by the general public such as: drug testing, hair testing, K2 (synthetic marijuana), bath salts, alcohol testing, alcohol abuse testing, infidelity testing (cheating spouse), finger printing, forgery, chemical substance identification, poison testing, food poisoning, rape drugs testing, and many other forensic tests.


Q. Can you do pre-natal testing (before the baby is born)?

A. Yes, but it is much more expensive using this method. It can be performed via amniocentesis or CVS. This test can be performed 10-12 weeks or more after conception. The prenatal fluid draw fee is $880.00 then the DNA paternity test is $685.00. This is in comparison to paternity after the child is born (even on the day that the child is born) of $395.00. This procedure is now performed with an ultra sound, so that the baby should be safe. You will also learn the gender of the baby.


Q. How long does it take to get the results?

A. Once the collection is complete and in our lab, it takes five to seven business days to complete the testing.


Q. What if the tested parties live in different cities?

A. We have a network of affiliate sites around the United States and therefore can have DNA collected anywhere in the country.


Q. What if the Alleged Father is in jail?

A. Dr. Bennett is a court accepted DNA expert and can be allowed to go into the jail and collect DNA.


Q. Does the Mother need to be tested?

A. The mother does not need to be tested. However, we do encourage the mother to be tested because it increases the accuracy of the test. We include the mother in the testing at no additional charge. 


Q. How are the samples collected?

A. From swabbing the inside of the mouth or by blood, whatever the client prefers.


Q. Do you take insurance or Medicaid?

A. Not at this time.


Q. Does insurance cover DNA testing?

A. No. DNA testing for the purpose of establishing paternity, maternity or any other relationship is not a health related test. There are no diagnosis or CPT codes available, which are required by insurance companies. Therefore, they are not covered by any form of health insurance.  Doing so is Health insurance fraud.


Q. How will I receive the results?

A. By fax, or mail, or pick-up at the office.


Q. If the Alleged Father refuses to come in, can you get his DNA some other way?

A. Yes, from an item used by the Alleged Father that contains his DNA.


Q. Can the Father be court ordered to come in for DNA testing?

A. Yes, we can assist you with the process.


Q. What if I need to have more than one child tested?

A. We can provide a discount on multiple children.


Q. What is the difference between court admissible and private testing?
A. The results of a court admissible test include legal documentation, proper identification, photographing, affidavit of identities, and therefore can be use in a court of law and for other legal reasons. The results of a private test can be used only for personal knowledge and will not hold up in court, but is less expensive. We offer both options.


Q. Do you need a court order to have a court admissible test performed?
A. No, a court order is not required. Anyone can schedule a court admissible DNA test. In fact, many individuals have court admissible testing performed for personal knowledge only. Remember, the results of a DNA test never expire. Although you may not need the results to be court admissible now, you may in the future.


Q. Do I need to schedule an appointment?
A. Yes, please contact us to schedule an appointment at 843-571-7488. Certain paperwork has to be prepared, therefore, an appointment will speed the process. Same day appointments are available. Nights and weekends are also available.


Q. Do you offer mobile collections?
A. Yes. However, it depends on your location. Many times, we have a mobile collector available. Typically, there is an additional fee for a mobile collection. The fee varies depending on the distance the collector needs to travel.


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