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Dr. Bennett .....

  • two degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina: a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (drug science including Toxicology) and a Pharmacy degree.
  • full-time Forensic Scientist and expert in Forensic Pharmacy who has testified in many cases in various courts as an Expert Witness. (Criminal Court, Civil Court, Family Court, Federal Court, and Military Court)
  • a qualified expert in Forensic Toxicology, drug testing, alcohol testing and DNA testing.
  • extensive experience in DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, and testing for toxic substances, chemicals, medicines and abusable substances for Criminal, Domestic (Family Court), DSS, Federal, and Military cases.

Dr. Bennett founded the first drug and alcohol testing company in Charleston, SC over 25 years ago and has directed, performed, and reviewed over 45,000 drug and alcohol tests.

Dr. Bennett was the Toxicology Advisor and Drug/Alcohol tester to the Charleston County Family Drug Court when it was in existence.

Dr. Bennett was the toxicologist overseeing the 5-year construction of the largest cable-stayed bridge in North America (Cooper River).

Dr. Bennett introduced Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) testing for forensic use to detect heavy alcohol use in South Carolina courts.

Dr. Bennett has two degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina, a Ph.D. degree and a pharmacy degree, both in the medical field, each obtained independently, but Dr. Bennett is not a physician and provides no practice of medicine. Dr. Bennett specializes in forensic toxicology and can work with your physician as needed in your case.